After the Afterlife

by Sights Unseen



Death is inevitable, but even beyond the end there is hope


released June 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Sights Unseen Oklahoma

An alternative electronic indie musician, creating music with emotions

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Track Name: A Memory Within
Hear the mountain call
Pain shatters the calm
Trees like reeds in the wind
Peace a memory within

Hear the watchers plead
Take you home with me
You are here no more
Fall upon these shores
Track Name: Our Story
Take my hand and we can run
Hold my heart because we're not done
Death is not the end
Close your eyes, forever rest
I know you tried your best
So long my friend

This is not the end for you and I
It's okay to say goodbye
Fade away, oh fade away, in time
We'll meet again, our story's just begun, so goodbye

Take my heart and I will cry
Hold my hand, take to the sky
Our chapter's at an end
But there's still more for us to see
After the end, again we'll meet
You'll always be my friend

Trust me I don't want to see you go
This pain won't last forever
You'll see, this won't be the end, we'll find
A whole new world together

I'll see you again
So goodbye
It's okay to part ways
So goodbye
Our story isn't over
So goodbye
Track Name: After The Afterlife
We thought that death would be the end
Of us
The end of our love
I thought that i would never hold you

Now we're here together
There's only forever
To be right here with you
Our last chapter is ending
And now the wounds are mending
After the afterlife I'll see you soon

We fought 'till our minds were numb
To survive
There was nowhere left to hide
Death would take your hand before
I tried
I tried

Light falls on a victory
A time when we finally see
There's more than emptiness
Daybreak after the night
We thought would kill our light
We finally found our happiness