by Sights Unseen



A single star shone its light upon my life and never wavered, never let me get lost in darkness. Now I journey to find this star, and I hope that I will be able to return the life she has given me~


released July 9, 2017

Special thanks to Rayne for providing little vocal bits on various tracks~



all rights reserved


Sights Unseen Oklahoma

An alternative electronic indie musician, creating music with emotions

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Track Name: Don't Wake Me
Don't wake me up
So I keep dreaming
So I keep dreaming
Don't take me back
The end is nearing
The end is nearing

Let me sleep
So I keep smiling
So I keep smiling
Friend, goodbye
My heart is dying
My heart is dying
Track Name: Whispers
How did you survive
This battleground of dreams
Anyway to find
The truth and what it means

This is where we hide
Whispers turn to screams
No longer denied
The means to be set free
Track Name: When We're Home
Can you give me one last dream
Something to hold on to when you go
It's not forever goodbye
I promise we will meet again when we're home

Listen, I have a secret
Something to help you when I go
It's not forever goodbye
I promise we will meet again when we're home

We will meet again, when we're
We will meet again, when you're
We will meet again, when I'm home
Will you stay alive, 'till then
Will I stay alive, 'till then
Will we both survive until the end
Track Name: I Promise
Call me yours so I can say I have a reason to stay
Lift my head and take your hand and wipe my tears away
Moonlight's glow upon your eyes is beauty never seen
Trust in me, I promise I will set your heart free

I will set your heart free, I will set your heart free
I will set your heart free, you will set my heart free

Do you know the price we pay to have our worlds combine
Is it worth to see your face and watch the stars collide
Don't let go, the end is far away from you and me
Trust in me, I promise I will set your heart free
Track Name: Don't Let Go
Lay me down, so I can rest in piece
Where did you go, was this meant to be
I can't stop the fears within my mind, it's killing me inside
Tearing me apart, I watch you slowly die

Light fades to grey, and darkness takes its place
Moonlight fades away, the stars hide in space
Free my heart, don't let go of me
Far from the start, won't you stay with me

Fear my eyes, now they're filled with tears
Isolation nears
I can't stop the fears within my mind
Now I start to die

Lay me down, so you can rest in piece
I'll watch you go, I know it's meant to be
Track Name: Into A Dream
It feels so cold
The world we lost
Nowhere is home
A sparrow falls
Two stones are thrown
One bird they kill
Her name was hope
The eyes, they fill

Will our memory pass
Shattered like broken glass
This is not our reality
Broken into a dream

My eyes are dark
From all the lies
I will depart
No one will try
I was told
This was a gift
Now I know
Away I shall drift

Broken eyes are mine
Do you know, do you know
What I try to say
As time won't slow, time won't slow
We're crashing. crashing, crashing
Into a wall of broken dreams
We're falling, falling, falling
Into an endless sea
Track Name: Save Me
Can you see what I am, what I have become
Can you save me, can you save me

I am cold and alone, frozen by my heart
Can you breathe, help me breathe, help me breathe
Track Name: The Angels
Have a seat, and I'll tell a story
For you, a tale of an angel dying
It starts off happy, it's starts off happy
Then she forgets how to fly

Frozen hearts and winter nights
The past is all she knows
Frozen breath and no goodbyes
Just before she crashes into the snow

No one knows why she started falling
But then, no one bothered to ask
Perhaps she was tired of flying
Perhaps she was scared of the past

I'll tell you a secret
The reason she ceased to fly
Was because she lost her wings
When she realized there was no sky
She saw through the lies, through the clouds, through her eyes
There's no window 'cause it broke, yet every day she still tries
Oh she tries not to cry, as she wishes she could fly
If ignorance is bliss, I guess knowledge is a lie
Is this what we're meant for, a life of growing old
We're told to chase our dreams, and when we follow what we're told
They shut us up, show us truth, tell us there's no hope for dreaming
So the angels lose their wings, left to plummet as they scream
For a way to escape this tortured life we create
This tortured mind we can't escape, we've no hope of being saved
Because our minds are never ours, we could daydream here for hours
But we're too tired to close our eyes, eating up all their lies
Oh we try not to cry, as we wish we could fly
And I try not die, try to recollect the sky
But it's gone now, I take a breath, forgetting I can't breath
So the angels close their wings, left to plummet as they scream
Save me
Track Name: Just A Ghost
Take me away to a land where I am free
Change my name to a name I can read
I'm not lost I'm just not where I'm supposed to be
Strong, I am not, these shadows make me feel weak

Will I ever find my way out of my own mind
Can you tell the time for me

Can anyone hear me, am I dying alone
Can anyone see me, am I just a ghost
Trying to see the light, trying to find a reason to fight
Can anyone save me, will I ever go home

Take me away to a world where there's no sun
I'm tired of burning every time I open up
The shadows are my friends, until the night is done
Then the sun will rise and all my hope is gone
Track Name: Say Farewell
Kiss the world you knew goodbye
Lost upon the cold wind's sigh
Say farewell to, say farewell to me
I'll see you again in your dreams
Track Name: Starlight
Hi, how are you, I'm sorry if it's sudden
But can I hold your hand
Hey, how's it going, I'm sorry if I'm forward
But I like you

The clouds told me a secret, just for you and me
Floating up so high, how about you join me

Hi, how are you, I'm sorry if it's sudden
But can I hold your hand
Hey, how's it going, I'm sorry if I'm forward
But I like you

The sun told me a secret, I can't help but tell
Will you pick me up, since for you I fell

Starlight, I know who you are
Starlight, please give me your heart

Hi, how are you, I'm sorry I've waited
So long
Please take my hand and don't let go
Because I love you